Tuesday, September 20, 2016

one sunny bright a laddie was getting maried and her name is amanda and her husband name is john and at the start of the wedding she did not want to marie him any more so she ran away into the woods  and then she  got lost and then her high heals slip off her  foot and then she fell over  into the mud and then her face got covered with mud on it .

creepy man

one stormy night I saw a man out side my window with a knife with blood on it and then he saw me looking at him at my window then when he saw me he had cricked teeth and he said was gonna kill me and he came to my house and he came with his bloody knife and he try to kill me and then help.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

today we are practising learning our basic facts we are using the game speed skills to do this. this  game is about knowing your basic facts and beating your own score from be for it is not about beating other people. it is about beating your self learning about basic facts and time tables will help me move up levels in maths

foggy walk

one foggy early morning I woke up and I put warm cloths on to have a foggy walk and I saw huge  trees  orange  leaves green soft wet grass yellow leaves leaves on the ground I could see smoke fog and there are some brunches on the trees.

winter sunset

the sky was light back and the sun was coming down and this time is evening the water was flowing back and front the sun was come down the colours of the sun is orange or yellow the water is many 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

 today IT was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day  and IT was TONGAN language  week and we had a full school assembly out side the classes and we had  RUAPOTAKA school came to our whole school assembly celebrating the TONGAN culture and the TAMAKI primary  band sang a song IN the assembly and we sang the national album and at the end of assembly the TAMAKI PRIMARY band sang the same song and all the teachers took there classes back INSIDE the classes back to do there work.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

one sunny day I was gonna go and have a walk by the prickle bushes in the beautiful bright shining  forest  and suddently I heard a nois  coming from the really prickle bush I walk towards the prickle bush and I looked through It and oh it was my very fluffy cat with blue eyes and name was fluffy and then she meow she was hungry so I took her home to feed her then me and fluffy went to bed and go to sleep.